‘Ard by you
“C’est un retour au source
unique et initiatique”
Dominique Mercadal,
Ceramist. Paris, France
“My stay with Mama Aïcha and her warm
and generous family was an incredible,
inspirational experience. I learnt so
much and will remember it forever!”
Emily Mason,
Artist. Cornwall, UK
“Learning from Mama Aïcha has been one
of the most enriching experiences of my life: she taught me that behind the work of the hands there is the heart, the head and
an incredible generosity”
Giulia Cosenza,
Interior Architect/ceramist. Italy
“Learning the local traditional ceramics skills in Ain Bouchrik from the strongest woman I have ever met, Mama Aisha taught me how to appreciate nature through her pottery. It is a totally authentic experience beyond expectations”
Roxy Lee,
Designer/ceramist. London, UK
“A week at Mama Aicha was nothing like I expected. Yes, you learn the traditional way of making ceramics, which was so primal and incredible. But what made me moved the most was the process and their life around it. It’s a very slow process and nothing goes to waste. You appreciate every water, soil, fire you have during this process of hard work. What I experienced was not just about learning their crafts but also being part of the family and life in the mountain. This was the most incredible part of this whole workshop”
Sayaka Namba,
Architect/ceramist. Japan
“Being welcomed in the home and workshop of Mama Aisha was an experience with so much beauty and kindness in it, that it was bound to feel magically surreal. I left a part of my heart in the Rif mountains and I brought a part of the Rif mountains back home in my heart”
Elizaveta Barsegova,
Artist. Berlin
“Volver a la esencia de los orígenes en una experiencia extraordinaria, muy recomendable, y muy humana”
Javier S. Medina,
Artisan. Badajoz- Spain
“Una de las mejores experiencias creativas y personales para cualquier artista”
Jaime Zatarain Martín,
Actor. Santander- Spain

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